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One way would be to use the background package: Code: \documentclass[10pt,a4paper]{article} \usepackage[all]{background} \usepackage{url} \usepackage{lipsum} \SetBgContents{\url{http://tex.stackexchange.com/}}% Set contents \SetBgPosition{0.25cm,-5.0cm}% Select location \SetBgOpacity{1.0}% Select opacity \SetBgAngle{90.0}% Select rotation of logo ...


I usually use a combination of eso-pic, graphicx and rotating as it is easy to adjust in terms of location, angle and size. \documentclass[12pt]{scrartcl} \usepackage{blindtext} \usepackage{eso-pic, rotating, graphicx} \AddToShipoutPicture{\put(30,200){\rotatebox{90}{\scalebox{3}{Examiners copy}}}} \begin{document} \blindtext[4] \end{document}


Only letters are allowed in the commands defined with \urldef, so \eur50 is illegal and, indeed, several errors appear when processing your example. The problem is described in this TeX FAQ; basically \newcommand{\eur50}{...} is not legal. You could use digits by using a different strategy: \documentclass{book} \usepackage{hyperref} ...


The ~ character will work fine if used inside \url{} or \hyperref{} within your text because they automatically disable all the TeX parsing; as described by Martin Scharrer. The same is true for other characters like _ and for the \path{} command provided by the url package. But if you have a URL within your bibliography’s .bib file it won’t work. The ...

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