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Use the url field, as is shown in the exammple bibliography and as is explained in the documentation of biblatex. By the way, i recommend biber to do the sorting instead of BibTeX. If your entry is solely an internet source, use the online entry type. \begin{filecontents}{\jobname.bib} @online{percent, author = {many}, title = {...


The hyphens option executes \def\do@url@hyp{\do\-} and you just want to add \do\_ to this. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{url} \makeatletter \def\do@url@hyp{\do\-\do\_} \makeatother \begin{document} \begin{minipage}{0pt} \hspace{0pt}\url|| \end{minipage} \end{document} The minipage is just to ...


According to this answer, LyX 2.2 now supports putting into Document > Settings > Local Layout: PackageOptions url hyphens I have successfully used this with todonotes, but haven't tried it with your specific problem.

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