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The plain bibliography style dates back to about 1994 and is thus not programmed to do anything with a field called url. (In the early 1990s, I don't think that too many people were facing the problem of citing electronically published documents that were available online. Recall that the first decent graphical browser, netscape, wasn't released until some ...


The file url.sty defines \path as follows: \@ifundefined{path}{\DeclareUrlCommand\path{\urlstyle{tt}}}{} In constrast, your (re)definition of \path does not use the \DeclareUrlCommand machinery. That's why it gets hung up on the "\}" substring in \path{C:\Code\Pre-requisite-Setup\}. (Note also that \path -- as defined in the url package via \...




BibDesk->Preferences->Fields and check the fields you want to add.


I got this answer from this question here. It did indeed solve my problem. However, it increased my bad boxes from 7 to 37. I checked through my document and couldn't, at least by the look of human eyes, see any undesired side effects as a result. So, I will consider it solved. This is what fixed my problem: \usepackage{ragged2e} \setlength\...


One possible solution would be to simply add a \raggedright, or \sloppy to the text, inside the group.

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