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My favorite pdf reader is Mupdf: (1) Firstly, the rendering of the popler-engine used in most pdf-viewers is horribly and mupdf's rendering is far superior (2) it's the reference pdf-viewer from ghostscript project (3) Is quite easy to use it just with a keyboard (what makes the mupdf-pdf-viewer (and onmupdf based reader)) great for presentations


Fonts are embedded by default when you compile TeX to PDF. To be sure, you may wish to upload your PDF to a cloud, say, GoogleDrive (free) and see, how it looks there in another previewer.


I'm not an expert on PDF, but the whole idea of PDF in opposite to Word is that the viewer displays the same picture and the printer prints the same glyphs on the paper. Well, more or less. It obviously does not depend on the installation of fonts on the computer you use to display the PDF, but there are differences even between different viewers on the ...


Since the last update, Adobe Reader is Acrobat Reader again and the path to the executable is now: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat Reader DC\Reader


I fixed this issue by using the hyperxmp package. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{hyperxmp} % <-- added \newcommand*\metadata{% a, b, c% <-- problem } \usepackage[ pdftitle={\metadata}, % never enquoted pdfauthor={\metadata}, % enquoted if , or ; is present pdfsubject={\metadata}, % never enquoted pdfkeywords={\metadata}, % ...

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