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I just had this same problem. I was able to solve it by going to my "main.tex" and selecting "Options->Define Current Document as 'Master Document'". It seems the error was caused because when I selected a chapter/section in the "Structure" pane, or right-clicked and selected "Jump to pdf", it was looking for "current_file.pdf", which didn't exist, instead ...


I use a newer version of Lyx (version 2.1.4) and I can no longer follow the answers here. The problem is the same, which is that the default pdf viewer is changed to okular after I do the "reconfigure." What I did to solve the problem is the followings. Go to /.lyx. There a lyxrc.defaults which contains many key-value pairs for Lyx configurations. Make a ...


In my case the answer from StrongBad didn't work. But then I saw, that KILE has the option to directly select "Okular Unique" as configuration. With this setup all things work as expected.


Put the mouse on the PDF that is open by texstudio, then RIGHT-CLICK the mouse. This open a window like this: Which is on top of the PDF, like this click on the "Go to Source" To go from Source to PDF, put the mouse on the source file open, and RIGHT-CLICK, this will open a menu like this: Click on the Go to PDF to go the PDF file location of the ...

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