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I finally found the answer! I was using a multi-file latex (each chapter in a separate tex) and I needed to define my template.tex (the template.tex contains all the \usepackage commands and all the \include) as Master Document. This was done by opening the template.tex file with texmaker and then options-> define current document as "Master Document".


It is not Preview.app, of course, but TeXShop.app (comes with MacTex) can be used as a standalone previewer with the external editor of your choice (e.g. joe). In that case, it can be configured to automatically update, and you can tell TeXShop about your editor by configuring the preferences. When using an external editor, tick 'Automatic Preview Update' in ...


In case anyone had the same problem as I did and comes looking at this question, the answer is in the link posted by David Carlisle as a comment. The issue was with the minor version of PDF that was being used by LaTeX. So the issue is fixed by adding \pdfminorversion=4 at the top of my beamer .tex file (before the \documentclass{} line). I haven't ...


TeXShop is a Mac OS X (La)TeX editor with its own integrated PDF-viewer, which allows source-preview synchronization. I'm quite happy with it.

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