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\usepackage[aux]{rerunfilecheck} issues a warning if the auxfile has changed and asks for another run.


As egre pointed out in the comments, you can add the hyphenation for specific words. Another possibility is to load the corresponding hyphenation patterns (along with the language dependent words), for example by loading package babel with the option ngerman. A problem arises, when you have different entries of different languages, which biblatex cannot ...


I had the same problem with the abntex2 class. The reason for the warning seems to be that abntex2cite.sty is redefining the \bibcite command from hyperref. I fixed the warning by commenting the extra \bibcite definition in abntex2cite.sty: (line 628:) \ifthenelse{\boolean{ABNThyperref}}{% %\renewcommand{\bibcite}[2]{% comment ...


I had a similar problem when including PDF figures generated with inkscape (original EPS plot from gnuplot with a PNG overlay with transparency) into a document compiled with pdflatex (from TeX Live 2013 distro). The bad thing was that the resulting PDF document could not be read by some viewers (including acroread 9.5.5). My solution was to use qpdf to ...

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