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When using babel or polyglossia with biblatex, loading csquotes is recommended to ensure that quoted texts are typeset according to the rules of your main language. So add \usepackage{csquotes} to your document preamble.


Just for an answer so the question can be closed. When the format dictates YYYY-MM-DD, then it is required (packing with zeros if needed) that the year is four digits, and month and day are two digits. Thus 1998-6-15 is the wrong format as the month is single digit. One might argue that it is redundant information when we have the dashes. But it is a lot ...


The answer is in the comments, but since nobody wrote an complete answer, I will. Bibtex requires ascii encoding. If your document is set to utf8 encoding, bibtex will assume the bib file also is utf8. Therefore, you have to be sure your bib file is ascii encoded, and you have to tell bibtex to consider it as ascii. In your case, biblatex package should be ...


\circledast requires \usepackage{amssymb}. \documentclass[a4paper]{article} \usepackage{amssymb} \begin{document} $r^{\circ}_{xy}[m]= \lbrace x \circledast \overline{y}^{-} \rbrace$ \end{document}

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