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It means that you have \label{split of ad} in two places. (The line 1 will refer to a file that is input, not your main file.)


The warning "pop empty color stack" is usually caused by color stack commands out of order. A typical scenario is the use of low level box set command \setbox instead of LaTeX box set macros (\sbox, environment lrbox, ...). When LaTeX sets a color, then the color reset command is issued after the current group. Therefore LaTeX box macros add a group layer ...


Well what it means is that's you've corrupted the colour stack. Unlike font changes colour is not an intrinsic attribute of a tex box, so colour changes are managed by nodes marking the change of state whatsit, Originally it was very hard to maintain colour correctly over page breaks, as the macro package needed to normalise colour in the page headings and ...


\newgeometry{textwidth=540pt,textheight=780pt,top=20pt,left=20pt,right=20pt} the left and right margins plus \textwidth have to be the paper width, so you can not specify all of them. You can specify left and right and let it work out \textwidth or specify \textwidth and left and let it work out right


By default, WinEdt uses the PDF viewer which is associated with .pdf files. Surely you have .pdf files associated with Maxthon browser. I suggest you to install the free SumatraPDF reader which works as a charm together with WinEdt. Install the 64-bit version if you have WinEdt 64-bit, otherwise install the 32-bit version. If you want to set SumatraPDF as ...


I asked a similar question a while back (but much after this question was originally asked) about filtering the log file with arara: Arara rule for log file scraping. While the details of the answer are arara specific, the underlying program used is texloganalyser. It should be possible to work that into whatever build system you are using.

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