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How to set default program in Windows to open a .tex-file: Goto project folder and right click on a .tex-file Goto "Properties" Under "Open With" click on Change (or similar) Click on "Other programs" Select "TeXworks" and click on OK Done.


Modern Versions of Windows - since Windows 7 - have the where command installed. It checks whether an executable is in one of the folders that is listed in your $PATH. Enter the command on the cmd or in Powershell: PS C:\Users\me> where.exe pdflatex C:\texlive\2016\bin\win32\pdflatex.exe If Lyx installs pdflatex on the $PATH, you should be able to ...


This is not really an actual solution but more of a workaround. Instead of copying the image into its Float Figure container, I use the Insert graphics tab beneath the menu bar. A more definite solution was to reinstall lyx (make sure you save the files you've been working on before; do not leave anything in the default working directories).

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