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UPdated Koma-script doc \newcommand*{\dictumrule}{\vskip-1ex\hrulefill\par} So updating the package will solve the probleme.


This is actually a subtle issue, which I have also run into. Firstly, xelatex.exe is a very simple wrapper around xetex.exe, whose source we can find in xtx\texk\xelatex\xelatex.c of w32tex-src.tar.xz. Basically it simply executes return spawnvp(_P_WAIT, "xetex.exe", argv); Now, this spawnvp function has an unexpected behavior. First, it tries to execute ...


It turned out R.Schumacher was spot on. The issue was that I had been using what appears to be an unofficial (re-)build of the MikTeX setup. The setup file name on the DVD images was in both cases setup-2.9.4503-x64.exe, but the title bar of the setup showed MikTeX 2.9.5550 Installer (64-bit). The suggested (and, as I just verified) working solution was to ...


%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % Two Column One Page Curriculum Vitae % LaTeX Template % Version 1.1 (24/1/13) % % This template has been downloaded from: % http://www.LaTeXTemplates.com % % Original author: % Alessandro (The CV Inn) % % IMPORTANT: THIS TEMPLATE NEEDS TO BE COMPILED WITH XeLaTeX % % This template uses several fonts not included ...

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