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I have up four tex systems on my laptop and 6 on my PC (+ the context minimals). In my editor (winedt) I have setup a pop-up menu which I can call with Alt+Q which allows me to switch between the systems: The entries of the pop-up are bound to winedt macro files which change the PATH environment variable: (xPATH is a variable which contains the original ...


Install marvosym in your TeX distribution (see How do I update my TeX distribution?) Then add \usepackage{marvosym} to your document preamble. Note the spelling.


In windows you can open the terminal/console with: Windows-key+R, type cmd, press enter and type the mentioned command into the new window: initexmf --mkmaps, then press enter ...


The best practice to install TeXnicCenter is: If you have installed an TeX distribution and TeXnicCenter deinstall both! Reboot the computer! Install and upate the TeX distribution, you want to use. When the installation of the TeX distribution is finished (important!), please reboot! Download the current TeXnicCenter installer program and install it. ...

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