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You can use \widowpenalties to avoid that two lines are alone on the second page: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{lipsum} \textheight=10\baselineskip \widowpenalties=3 10000 10000 150 \begin{document} \lipsum[1-2] \end{document}


As the error message shows the file is trying to do \catcode \endlinechar 5 to normalize end of line handling while looking in an EPS file for BoundIngBox comments It (I) wasn't expecting you to have done \endlinechar=-1\relax so this ends up trying to set the catcode of character -1 which produces the error you show. I assume you can do ...


I understand that math can take longer than straight text, due to the many additional considerations that are involved. Including images (other than pdf or mps) format will also increase compile times, because these need to be processed rather than simply dropped into the code. But TeX is a typesetting engine, and while it's Turing-complete, things that ...


Disable your anti-virus and firewall for a while and try to install the MikTeX again. I'd experienced similar problem before and this actually worked.

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