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Font Awesome provides a number of operating system logos (compile with XeLaTeX/LauLaTeX): \documentclass{article} \usepackage{fontspec,fontawesome} \newcommand{\faWindows}{\FA\symbol{"F17A}} \newcommand{\faLinux}{\FA\symbol{"F17C}} \newcommand{\faApple}{\FA\symbol{"F179}} \begin{document} \verb|Windows:| \faWindows \par \verb|Linux :| \faLinux \par ...


everyshi belongs to the ms bundle, which consists of several packages by Martin Schröder. If TeX Live or MiKTeX is used, you don't need to install everyshi as single package, such as by compiling everyshi.ins or everyshi.dtx. Instead, use the package manager (tlmgr or mpm, respectively) to install the ms package provided by both distributions.


I installed the AUCTeX according to its manual. I wrote a small tex file, but I did not figure out how to get a side-by-side preview like that of TeXStudio for example. I found one here called latex-preview-pane. It works but still do not get a PDF only bohemic script instead (see image below). Author of latex-preview-pane here. It looks like (as ...


You shouldn't use applemac encoding for .tex files any more! All modern OS understand UTF8 and, with ascii, it is the only universal format. I have no idea why the default in TeXshop still is applemac, if I'm not mistaken. You also can use UTF8-encoded .bib files if you make your bibliography with biblatex/biber, and JabRef is able to save your .bib files ...


Sean's comment helped to find out, that MikTex's lualatex was trying to download the packages, even though the packages were already installed previously. Going into the MikTex Settings (Admin) program and changing Ask to Yes for installing packages on the fly, then running compilation again, resolved a hangup and produced a file.


This one works well under Linux: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{auto-pst-pdf} \ifpdf \usepackage{tikz} \else \usepackage{pst-barcode} \fi \begin{document} foo % \begin{pspicture}(0,-5mm)(2.5in,0.4in) \psbarcode{AB123456}{includetext height=0.375}{code39} \end{pspicture} \begin{pspicture}(-0.4in,0)(5mm,2.5in) ...

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