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MnSymbol changes all the delimiter codes, but also fontspec does and later than MnSymbol, so the problem arises. A possible solution is to load fontspec with the no-math option; another one is not using MnSymbol at all. \usepackage[no-math]{fontspec}


A starting point is xelatex format and the polyglossia package. I have downloaded and installed the Scheherazade font and I enclose a result of my efforts. I am sorry if I misspelled the Urdu terms. I haven't tested that but I think that you can wrap your Urdu words and BibTeX/BibLaTeX should processed them, it is worth some experiments. It would be great to ...


Some graphics driver support uppercase extensions (pdftex.def) others do not. xetex.def with version 2014/04/07 v0.99 does not. The simple form is to add the support for each extension manually, e.g.: \DeclareGraphicsRule{.PNG}{QTm}{QTm}{#1} \DeclareGraphicsRule{.JPG}{QTm}{QTm}{#1} \usepackage{grfext} \AppendGraphicsExtensions*{.PNG,.JPG} However this ...


Too long for a comment. If I change the font to Linux Libertine O (OpenType variant), then it works for both XeTeX and LuaTeX. Also the character can be specified directly: \documentclass[11pt]{article} \usepackage{fontspec} \setmainfont{Linux Libertine O} \begin{document} \emph{G\~\i k\~uy\~u ĩ} \end{document}


Longer post This task was a big issue for me many years ago when I was typesetting and generating preview books of fonts where I needed to know all kind information about the glyphs before actual typesetting. I divided the answer into three small parts each with compilable TeX file. Part 1: xelatex and its tool There is a way in xelatex, it is ...

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