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comment Referencing theorems by numbers
@IanThompson that is about referencing sections and my question is about referencing theorems/lemmas. I thought there might be a way to do what is in that link automatically for theorems.
comment Really wide hat symbol
@tohecz I want it for the Fourier coefficients of two functions i.e $\widehat {f(x-y)g(p-q)} I don't actually want it for something quite that big. I'm also not really that concerned with how it looks, in my lectures notes it is done!
comment Really wide hat symbol
@BenjaminMcKay that just gives me a little wedge at the end?
comment Copying LaTeX from a PDF
@StephanLehmke Well the first (which would of course do the second as well) however it seems that this is not really possible (I am intrigued why it can't really be done) however it seems as if the second part has been answered which is still useful. I don't think you need the @ hmmmm if your commenting on my comment btw