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Interests: Brain and computer reverse-engineering, data visualization.

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comment How to create a comma-separated list in LaTeX according to the number of elements in another list?
@egreg Thank you, it works. I use the comma-separated list generation solution because for me it's easier to incorporate it in my code, which is a little modified version of David Carlisle's answer to tex.stackexchange.com/questions/52472/… .
comment erraneous text in a LaTeX tabular array created using custom macros
Yes, that's correct. Thanks a lot.
comment How to add \hline to macro expansion?
@Marco Daniel: It is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.
comment How to add \hline to macro expansion?
@David Carlisle: Yes, but then as I have to create several different tabular arrays using slightly modified versions of this code, I thought that it would be easier to use, modify and maintain if all the code to create a tabular array of this kind was created by using only \tablestart \listheadings \listbody.
comment generating LaTeX tabular code during compilation
@Marco LuaTeX might be an interesting option. But is there a way for a generic transformation (a regular expression or something) to convert any LaTeX file into a valid LuaTeX file? What I find most difficult in LaTeX, in addition to the lack of common programming constructs, is getting the packages work together (I currently have 19).
comment generating LaTeX tabular code during compilation
Thank you a lot, this is an excellent answer and helps me enormously. I have been searching and looking for a solution for months every now and then.