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comment How to encourage TeX as a homework medium
@Andrew: I don't think so. There's no clear consensus here yet (and on SO, plenty of people would be clamoring for CW), but why? I think someone writing a good answer to this question deserves the rep he/she gets when it is upvoted. CW would take that away, and for what benefit?
comment How do I use an OpenType font with my LaTeX document?
But it doesn't really answer the question. What do you do to use an OpenType font once you've switched to XeTeX?
comment What graphics packages are there for creating graphics in LaTeX documents?
Too vague, I feel. Graphics package for what? Are you just asking about how to \includegraphics? How to make graphs and plots? Or just a statistical survey of which packages are more popular. I think we should prefer questions that actually state a problem to be solved (how do I....)
comment Images in LaTeX – what's the solution?
Yep, PDFLatex works with all the common image formats (png jpg and so on). Of course, just to be difficult, it does not work with eps images... So it's one or the other. Everything else would be too straightforward ;)