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I am a statistician who has an interest in all-things-programming. I have interests in numerical routines, graphics, remote networking, and data security. My weapon-of-choice is R but Python is a close second! I am able to read and write code for most other statistical software packages.

I am very interested in establishing an IEEE type standard for numerical routines in statistics. This would dissolve the monopoly of proprietary statistical software for data analysis and reporting in regulatory submissions. I am interested in free open-source software (of the GPL license type), and creating robust and flexible software for statistics which can also serve as a learning tool.

I am interested in data visualization and interactive graphics, the use of a real-time client to query and display information safely, quickly, and effectively. I am excited to see what the Qt framework holds, and whether it can be sufficiently integrated with other statistical software to quickly produce graphics, tables, and listings in a readable and efficient fashion.

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