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Currently a PhD Student in Aviation Fuel Thermal Stability with a BSc in Mathematics. Programming either for my course or just little stuff because I can.

Further I am a hobby photographer - more details are to be found on my website: http://detlevcm.eu

A free basic guide to photography written by me is available at: https://detlevcm.wordpress.com

comment Can I define more than one label inside an equation environment?
If you want sequential numbering, I don't see multiple labels being of use, but I suspect there might be something along the lines of align that could work - the Wikibook is great: en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Advanced_Mathematics
comment Typesetting chemical element names
@cgnieder in a loose definition, any modification is a hack - which includes a small macro. My key worry with doing these things is, that in the end you start defining more and more as you go along and end up with a mess or several months later have forgotten what you did. I use mchem because it is what I found when I searched for a package one or two years ago - I had a look at the chemmacros manual and it looks very good.
comment Typesetting chemical element names
I'd avoid using any kind of "hack" if there is a good package to do something in a simple manner. I would recommend something like mchem (which I use) right away.
comment Some citation numbers in bold, others not
When I originally looked at your post I thought some were bold and you didn't want it bold - but you do and they are not. I.e. I misunderstood your question before - thanks for the example. I would think that one could possibly redefine the citation command - could be messy but basically insert another attribute in the bibitem and then highlight a reference if that is present - I'd really have to start digging about for that though (I'm sure it would be trivial for those versed in TeX).
comment Some citation numbers in bold, others not
Any chance you can provide a minimum working example? Maybe a screenshot? What software are you using to view the output, does this appear in print too or only in the viewer? (Some render funny)
comment Best and easy-to-master free softwares for drawing geometric figures in math papers?
@Mathmath if you want to draw simple figures in text then TikZ should be fine. One needs some time to learn the syntax, but the more one draws, the better one gets at it. Just a quick query: Do you think you could attach a quick handdrawn sketch of what you would like to draw? I might be able to create it in TikZ as a sample.
comment How to find the error line in a multi file document
I don't think this will help you - but other editors handle external files correctly: TeXnicCenter for Windows and TeXStudio on Windows and Linux. Or maybe as others have said - update to the current version of your editor.
comment What are the advantages of TeX Live over MiKTeX?
@PaulGaborit Write access to C:\Program Files is only granted to administrators - regular users do not have write access. If users use an admin account or disable UAC the problem is the user, not the OS which tries to protect important OS files.