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comment What is the right way to input prime with Unicode-math (LuaTeX backend)
Can you do the same "fix" that you did for Cambria Math on a per-font basis (e.g. for use with \mathversion)? It seems to apply to the current math font now.
comment Is it possible to add new alphabets to unicode-math?
I've also been struggling with mixing multiple math fonts. Thanks to your workaround, I can now do $\lambda x' \mathother{\lambda x'}$, where \mathother is analogous to your \eucal. I have found no other way to do this and get all the symbols (Greek letters, primes, etc.) I need from all the fonts.
comment Configuring latexmk to use a preprocessor
I decided to go with using make to run the preprocessor. Solution #1 is not simpler, still hardcodes the compiler, and (as I realized later) runs lhs2TeX every time the compiler is run (e.g. the multiple times for BibTeX) when it should only be run once to produce the .tex file. Solution #2 still requires an external run of lhs2TeX. Lastly, it was more clear how to preprocess \input-ted files with a Makefile than with latexmk.