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I'm just a single point on a complex plane. I'm not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. I always feel restless despite being in the safe zone. You can't teach me anything, but you can stimulate me to think! I am a detail-oriented analyst and interested in almost everything. Consistency, optimization, best-practice, & perfection are always my first priority in mind! Therefore by my questions & answers you'll fully recognize me. I can tell you more but then I have to kill you.

I distribute my rep in bounties as spending money for my & your pleasure is more meaningful than saving money in a bank & abandoning it unused.

"If you're an underdog, mentally disabled, physically disabled, if you don't fit in, if you're not as pretty as the others, you can still be a hero, read TEXBook!"

"Motivation isn't enough. If you've an idiot & you motivate him, now you've a motivated idiot."

Learning (La)TeX, PSTricks, & PGF/TikZ is similar to learning how to swim or drive a car. You don’t get the full benefit by watching someone else do it. Your own fingers must get involved.

Don't be lukewarm! If you cannot be the best, be the worst!

Beauty without intelligence is a masterpiece painted on a toilet paper.

For every problem, there is always a solution that is simple, neat, but wrong.

Best practices

  1. Use pdflatex \input{filename} instead of pdflatex filename.
  2. Don't specify the file extension in \includegraphics.
  3. Divide your project into a main & smaller input files & compile the main with pdflatex.
  4. Put each code snippet 4 either drawing a diagram or making a table into a standalone input file & compile it to produce a PDF.
  5. Define global macros 4 often-used materials, put them into a separate package thereby changing the macros in one place will effect the whole document.
  6. Remove unnecessary packages.
  7. Don't mix different series, families, font size, & shapes, ESPECIALLY IN ONE SENTENCE.
  8. Obey.


asked What causes \psxTick to no longer work?
revised How to draw tangens of arbitrary functions y=f(x) at given point (x,y) of f(x) using PStricks?
Introducing the Sum operator.
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Reducing the number of used characters which in turn promoting "Go Green Campaign".
comment How to locally specify function range in math expression
+1 :-) Hehehe...
accepted How to iterate a list of colors with two additional counters more elegantly?
asked How to iterate a list of colors with two additional counters more elegantly?
awarded  Good Answer
comment How can I make a slide rule in TikZ?
@Kartik: What does it mean? I don't understand your question.
answered Drawing function in tikz
answered How to plot following graph
comment Drawing function in tikz
Please let us know the function.
revised How can I make a slide rule in TikZ?
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comment How can I make a slide rule in TikZ?
I wasted much time to locate the log function in TikZ. It is actually named as log10.
revised How can I make a slide rule in TikZ?
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answered How can I make a slide rule in TikZ?
comment Landscape table in multicol-environment
+1: Sorry, is there e^x function in PSTricks? Euler^x seems to be unusual. (It will be deleted shortly)
comment Tikz: how to plot arcsec and arccos?
@ThomasF.Sturm: But if we restrict its domain then the inverse is available. As a layman, I have no idea what \arcsec (and arccos) differs from \sec^{-1} (and \cos^{-1}), could you elaborate more? In my mind, they are just different in notation. Probably you are talking about reciprocal rather than inverse. :-)
revised How to plot atan(x), sqrt(x) using PSTricks?
Improving the old answer as my reference in the future.
revised Tikz: how to plot arcsec and arccos?
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revised Design of an asteroid belt in TikZ
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