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C.S Oren

I'm in Myanmar. That's why Connection is slow, everything is delayed. Everything is not free, especially WIFI. No free WiFi. Thought it's free, it's running in at least 0.1 kbs at most 50 kbs speed. I give most of my time for internet. Well, some sites are suck for Myanmar. For example., netbeans.org is inaccessible. Learning things on the internet will really be funny for us.
I am a beginner of all things, for example, programming.
I hate those who have many reputations because they usually discriminate those who are stupid like me.
My dream is to keeping on asking util I've been blocked asking on Stack Exchange.
O! MG!
I've been blocked to ask questions on Stack Overflow.
To be continued.......

Keeping a low profile.

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