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comment Make specific author bold using biblatex
Thanks. BTW, the first method works now. For the hashstring method I found it as well in the bbl file, but isn't the loop over the boldnames csvlist obsolete in that case?
comment How to unset a toggle in biblatex?
doh yeah, that was it. Somehow it didn't click for me that the package options are actually those. Thanks. wanna make an answer for this? Don't think it's a duplicate, as it's much simpler than those answers there.
comment Make specific author bold using biblatex
I'm sorry but this totally confuses me, possibly related to the fact that it just doesn't work for me. :( In your example you say that I can do the search via the hash string, but it's not clear where and how. Then in this last comment you state that it's not very meaningful. What do you mean by that? Just that it's abstract, but your suggestion should still be safe?
comment What packages do people load by default in LaTeX?
And? Was it superfluous in 2010? Is it now? ;)