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LaTeX Beginners Guide

I'm a TeX enthusiast. After studying mathematics in Jena and Hamburg I've been working as IT Admin and Communication Officer onboard of cruise ships. Pictures of those years can be found on twentyknots.com.

Now I'm employed as a IT Network & Security Engineer for a cruise company.

For some years I've been working as a freelance programmer, since many years I'm working with LaTeX. I'm a friend of Linux and Ubuntu user.

I'm maintaining

and I'm an active user in several math forums such as on matheplanet.com.

comment xycirc.tex problem with “;”
Where can we find xycirc.tex?
comment Saturn rings with TikZ
I tried to learn MetaPost a bit, did not see buildcycle yet. You made a lot of impressive examples here. Would you like to write a MetaPost article on LaTeX-Community.org on MetaPost which explains some clever features, motivating potential learners with such nice images? I gladly return the favor with a 500 bounty, but more important is that readers there will like it for sure and we will bring MetaPost again in a focus. You could contact me via stefan@texblog.net if you like.
comment Understanding the math tikzlibrary
It seems that you know a lot about tikzmath. I also noticed it with your Cayley graph posting, and with your print question. Would you like to write an article on LaTeX-Community.org on explaining tikzmath with such nice images? I gladly return the favor with a 500 bounty, but more important is that readers there will like it for sure. You could contact me via stefan@texblog.net if you like.
comment TOC for two line header
And what is the question? Perhaps add some details.
comment Why doesn't “/documentclass{article}” work (forward slash vs. backslash)
You could download all LaTeX code examples from the publisher's book website here , so there won't be any typing mistake.
comment Positioning content at the top of a beamer slide (by default)
@Pandora Go to Document -> Settings -> Document Class, there choose beamer, and add t as class option, that single letter.
comment What are the available “documentclass” types and their uses?
@OLSAY I updated the link.
comment Package natbib Error: Bibliography not compatible with author-year citations
Could you please explain what you mean?
comment How do I draw Archimedean lattices in LaTeX?
Since you tried for hours, you got already something? Please show that, so we can help to improve it.
comment Image inclusion in TeX (not LaTeX)
Perhaps post the logo or a link to an image of it.
comment Tikzmark between syntactic tree and matrix?
@PRQ Would babel instead of polyglossia be an option?
comment Writing manual summation of two numbers
I recommend to use more positioning options that just h.
comment How do I make pages which were “intentionally left blank”?
@EnthusiasticStudent Perhaps it doesn't use \cleardoublepage which has been redefined here. So you could hook into another macro at that place.
comment Mac OS Yosemite made TeXShop previews unreadably blurred
Is this a comment? On this site, answers are rather expected to be solutions. Thoughts are better suited as comments.
comment Fitting text to a shape in TikZ
@PaulGaborit I could support with the manual. A package would be great, it's already very nice with the current state of the macro. I added one of your example to the gallery. I would also mention it in my upcoming book (of LaTeX examples) if it would be available as package. Even on a personal website, CTAN not required.
comment Tikz - code suggestion?
Do you already have a piece of code to start?
comment Automatic Errors in already completed latex file
Could be simple syntax errors as \begxn (as you wrote above) instead of \begin. Perhaps post the error messages you got, and some code, as Aradnix recommended. Also, it would be great if you would correct typo errors in your question.
comment \emph or \textit
@Superbest As above, "If you want to get italic text, use \textit". If other italic text would contain the title, it won't be emphasized then. But that's the guide's decision, so be it.
comment Latex code for patch simulation
Please use proper English language and not "u plz ur". I removed some now obsolete comments, which have been read already to keep the discussion focused. Just to better see the remaining technical content (advice such as "be patient" does not need to stay once you read it). Just if I would see such badly readable language again, I would immediately remove. Feel free to come to the TeX chat with such speak. I just fear that our friends in chat might be too grown up for this.
comment progressbar Beamer theme: Errors trying to build an adapted example
For reader's information, it has also been posted on LaTeX-Community.org, so possible solutions may appear there too.