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Over the past two years, while pursuing my second masters in computer science I have concentrated my research on System Architecture (mainly novel memory systems, such as hybrid power efficient memory modules future HPC systems), and on Cloud Computing, namely MapReduce job schedulers for Hadoop and YARN. I have gained valuable knowledge of high performance, scientific and cloud computing, architecture and use of computers clusters, interconnecting heterogeneous platforms and networking. This has been a major change of my interest, since for the past seven years, while working as an Assistant Professor in my hometown university in Europe, I published a number of mathematical papers on numerical methods and taught computer science classes. Although fascinating and intellectually rewarding, doing research in mathematics did not feed my need to explore cutting edge technologies and solutions, and the need to stay on the edge of progress.

During those years, my hunger for more dynamism lead me to pursue a second bachelor’s degree, this time in management. I was interested to learn how businesses work, how decisions are taken, how teams are driven to success. I wanted to learn the most important tools in business, and gain at least theoretical knowledge about managing teams and projects. This experience opened my eyes to the mechanisms that are involved in the decision making process of managers who, ultimately deeply impact the success of any company.

My drive to learn, explore and travel was triggered in 2002 when, upon graduating in computer science in a top university in Romania, I got a 1 year scholarship to study in Austria. That experience literally changed my life, since it was for the first time that I had been part of a team of researchers from all over the word and with vast cultural differences who concentrated their efforts towards a common goal, namely the success of the Theorema Project at RISC-Linz institute.This was an excellent opportunity to perfect my language skills and has made me confident in claiming that I can speak five languages. The French intensive program that I pursued during my high school, corroborated with the seven years of English classes, my Hungarian grandmother’s language legacy and my Romanian native background constituted priceless social skills. Mostly, that year, I learned that it requires hard work, determination and perseverance to make an impact in a field of interest.

My studies, experiences and accomplishments have given me great confidence in my ability to succeed. I am confident in my technical ability to analyze computer systems, software and networks; I am confident in my ability to effectively communicate with individuals and audiences from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds; I am confident in my ability to understand both the technical and business aspects of technology.