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Danny Woods

I'm an independent contract programmer, living and working in Scotland. I've been in the software industry professionally since graduating from Strathclyde University in 2000, with my career split evenly between the disparate fields of video compression and investment banking. My technical focus is similarly split, with C, C++ and Java for the systems/network stuff, Smalltalk for the user-level applications, and Perl scattered throughout. Almost all of my work is done on Linux.

Outside of work, I have strong interests in 3D graphics (OpenGL), Linux, functional programming, distribution and concurrency. My preferred languages for my own work are C, Perl, Common Lisp (SBCL), Clojure or Erlang, depending on what needs done.

If I'm not working at a computer, I'm likely to be reading dead-tree books, working out, or playing with my wonderful daughters.