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I'm Quantitative Environmental Scientist in the Institute of Environmental Change & Society, at the University of Regina, Canada. I undertake research on environmental problems, including climate change and atmospheric pollution, affecting lakes. I use lake sediments to look back in time at the history of lakes to look at what organisms are present and how the species in the lake have changed through time and how lakes evolve and respond to pollution and perturbations.

I'm also an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Regina.

comment How to label a code section in Sweave
That wasn't what the OP meant by label the chunk. Yours is the correct answer to a different Q. See the Answer of Stefan Pointner for what appears to have been wanted.
comment Sweave only produces NAs when using Umlauts.
@Andrie OP is on Windows, which I'm not familiar with. Sys.setlocale() seems relevant and the R for Windows FAQ. I didn't add this info at the time because I am not familiar with the OS in question but your comment prompted me to take a peak...