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currently creating videos for my Paradigm Mentors website, for example, there are several free videos about PayPal's REST API, plus notes, plus a free c# Code First, ASP.NET MVC5, EF6 demo application at paradigmmentors.com/paypal.

Programmer since 1967. Worked for MS Canada PSS 1994 - 1995. Self employed 25++ years. Program mainframe, mini, PC. APL, assembler, BASIC, C, C++, C#, COBOL, FORTRAN, J, Java, Pascal, Perl, PL/I, RPG II/III, VB, VBA, et cetera. Taught Business Systems Analysis and programming courses at community college level. Clients include GM, IBM. Male. Age 67. Married. Two adult progeny. Hobbies include computer and natural languages, chess, mathematics, reading. Ethical Vegan.

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comment How can I explain the meaning of LaTeX to my grandma?
communicating with lay people, one's spouse, and even one's peers is often a challenge ... i'd probably reword your suggestion as: "LaTeX is a system that interprets formatting instructions that are associated with an author's plain text so that a computer can make the printed output more pleasing to the eyes of the author's audience." ... i'm not claiming my suggestion is better than yours ... i'm simply trying to avoid "tool" and "printer" because grandma might think of "hammer" and the person who printed her wedding invitations.