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  • I hate problems we wouldn't have without all our computers. That's why my keyboards needs to be durable and I never go without my sledge if a colleague calls me to fix some annoying problem (yes, I can become rude, sorry, I meant root -- and no, that is not my principal duty).

  • Although I think Usenix isn't so bad at all, I really recommend for some good laughs the lecture of "The Unix Haters Handbook" (PDF | Wikipedia).

  • First one on SU who got zsh badge! To earn this badge was harder than all of my other badges, including the silver and gold ones... but finally here it is:

    enter image description here

  • My profile picture shows one (rather rare) exemplar out of my telephone collection. It is a Deutsche Bundespost FeTAp 2L-752 which can handle two POTS lines.

  • If you still feel that you need to contact me directly, bravely use [my Stackexchange username]@gmx.net.

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