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comment Can I refer to cells in a tabular?
Does exactly the job. I've also realised I might want to refer to several cells with the same label at some point, saying something like "three cells (labelled \ref{large}) were significantly large and two (\ref{small}) very small". But that's probably another question...
comment Can I refer to cells in a tabular?
That references rows, I'd really like to do cells, and I would prefer to have a mark in the cell (alpha or numeric) so the reader can eyeball it quickly. I need to pick out two or three cells in a table of about twenty numbers.
comment exporting R ggplot2 plots to LaTex
Is it the complexity of your plots? Make a scatter plot of 10 points in ggplot, save as PDF, and tell us if that is huge. If you are plotting a million points on a ggplot, yes, the PDF will be large. And don't just say 'massive', we talk kilobytes and megabytes here.