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I am a mathematician, tutor and programmer.

I first used TeX when I was a university student. I helped people with their articles in LaTeX and learned a lot. My experience with LaTeX was a bit bitter: although LaTeX is powerful, full of automated mechanisms and with plenty of nice gadgets, it is often too rigid/complex when you want to customise the formatting, and on two occations I have made my own class by making a copy of book.sty (from older version, now it would be book.cls) and editing it. For some adjustments I had to search through latex.tex file to find out where and how the formatting was determined and hoping that all I needed to do was a simple change in my own document. Therefore I decided to ditch all the comfort that LaTeX has to offer and became an orthodox TeXacker. The closest I come to LaTeX is using eplain.tex which has some very useful and customisable mechanisms but without the clutter.

My own degree paper was written in TeX using eplain. The main resource I use is The TeXbook. TeX for the Impatients is useful in explaining how to use eplain.

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