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comment Did Knuth actually design the Computer Modern font?
I'm afraid I must disagree (somewhat) with the assertion that Knuth is a digital [type design] genius. CM has a very distinctive look that immediately marks a document as "created with TeX". This is not good -- a typeface should not draw attention to itself, but facilitate people reading the document. Other aspects of his oeuvre, yes, a genius; but I wish he hadn't tried to design a new typeface. Perhaps he feared being sued for copyright or design patent infringement?
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comment 2013, year of the TeX bugs report. Will pdfTeX, XeTeX, etc. be changed accordingly?
Unfortunately, your "2037" entry is the dream of many large companies, such as Apple. They would love nothing more than to have a lock on everything that runs on the systems they produce, and will start by outlawing individually written software, on the specious grounds of "security". Only approved software written by the hardware manufacturer will be runnable. And it will happen well before 2037, I'm afraid. Hardware is a commodity; software is where the money is. When free software is outlawed, only outlaws will have free software.