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I am a physicist with a Ph.D in astrophysics and work as a teacher for physics and mathematics for pupils just about to enter university level, therefore I can not post content in the morning and be online all the time.

Although I have been using LaTeX since 1997, there are still some caveats and interesting issues to gain knowledge of. At that time, the internet was quite young and I obtained LaTeX on a bundle of two CD-ROM disks, with very limited documentation.

I use LaTeX for worksheets, class exams etc. and I am writing a package for typesetting "problem-solutions" with hyperlinking and "problem level commands" etc. I know, there are already such pretty packages, for me it is fun and occupation as productive as well.

Perhaps, I will publish my version one fine day ... and I hope this to happen many years before my retirement begins :D ('s goht degege)

Here are some snapshots from the current state of my package (well, the real functionality is inside the pdf document), so far in German language only.

Please do not object the yellow or green backgrounds of the headers etc -- they just show the possibilities of the package at the moment Example enviroment of problem solution - package

Problem page and corresponding solution page

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