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comment Root locus plots using LaTeX
I'm always amazed that universities still teach root loci. You can artificially create a table of points where each root is moving with parameter dependence. And then once you have a table then it is fairly simple to do with pgfplots.
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comment Reasons to prefer tikz or pstricks over any GUI driven graphics tool
Don't underestimate the GUI tools though. They lack typographical precision but you can cook up lots of images instead of fixing the indentation of the closing braces ;) Besides somethings are just impossible with both tools compared to say Illustrator.
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comment How to refer to a word inside a running text as a TikZ coordinate?
why not just using tikzmark?
answered TikZ decorations.pathreplacing and lineto curve ignored
comment TikZ: How can I use \foreach variable to reference intersections?
you don't need dashes, just braces should do it
comment Error: \usepackage{tikz}
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about user's own settings and distribution and cannot be reproduced in a generic setting.
comment How do I convert a simple raster image to TikZ
You can follow the workflow here tex.stackexchange.com/questions/172336/…
comment Is TIKZ sending ambiguous PDF instructions that only TEXstudio understands well?
I don't have any problems with sumatra and Acroread with regular patterns. It has been always an issue with other viewers that is asked elsewhere on this site. I'll take a look
comment pgfplots cannot read file
is it tab separated
comment tikz foreeach list is empty?
@Tengis <i> is a beamer syntax but TikZ understands it. It means show this item only on slide i. But your last loop runs always on the same spin of \i So all nodes see the same slide number and they get overprinted. Because i is only updated per the outer most spin. Maybe you would have used \z to move the position of the nodes. Is that a bit clearer?
answered tikz foreeach list is empty?
comment How to draw the physical tree with balls under both the stress of strings and gravity?
The new version of TikZ 3.00 has electrical charge and spring tension properties for the placement of graph elements.
comment Rectangular Approximation Method (Riemann Sums) Diagrams
search for riemann on this site