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Don't fear to edit my posts: even if I have more reputation than you, I do make mistakes.

I'm now also a Moderator Pro Tempore (= until the first elections) at Cryptography Stack Exchange: feel free to come around and ask some cryptography questions.

My personal name is spoken as /ˈpawlo/ (IPA), in English this would be written similar to Powlo, I think (i.e. the vowels are ow and o), with an accent on the before-last syllable (which is the first in this case). It's the Esperanto form of my given name.

The photo shows my shadow, taken at night. My camera sometimes seems to forget all the other frequencies and only stores the green ones.

My current main private programming project is the game of fencing, an online abstract turn based strategy game. Implemented as a Java applet, using git as a version control system.

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