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comment Multi-line footer for single page
It was helpful, but I hacked a bit, and still there were warnings. What I've done: \AddToShipoutPicture*{\put(54pt, 54pt){\begin{minipage}{505pt} %multiline_text% \\ \\ \\ anchor \end{minipage}}}. The text turned out to be vertically centered s.t. its center corresponded to the bottom border of the page, so I added an invisible anchor. Also, there were warnings: "! A <box> was supposed to be here.", "! Missing number, treated as zero", "! Illegal unit of measure (pt inserted)." twice. Thanks, anyway. :)
comment What is the proper way to cite a legal document?
@lockstep Hi and thanks for the hospitality! I use the gost780 package ( ctan.org/tex-archive/biblio/bibtex/contrib/gost ), that style is required for the paper.