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left BASIC away for assembler in '95, then practiced C again and again until i finally decided PERL was more handy for everyday programming ... Doing my first steps in C++ on a nintendoDS atm. I like programming environments that use languages and commands rather than buttons and textfields (e.g. MAKE + CSCOPE against ECLIPSE :) and books on programming that are lightweight and (con+pre)cise against "for dummies" books full of environment-specific screenshots.

Mostly did game programming, hobby OS, linux modules and network programming. I did some JAVA too, but i can't tell i've been convinced.

Used a lot of IXP2xxx assembler programming during my PhD, as well.

comment Multicols custom column width
@cmhughes, any link to a parcolumns example to suggest ?
comment Show pageframe for LNCS article class
did the trick and works flawlessly on LNCS class. Thanks.
comment Show pageframe for LNCS article class
hmm, that sounds a bit overkill, but I'll try it if I don't find anything else doing the trick.
comment How to wrap text around a figure?
\begin{wrapfigure}{l}{1in} \includegraphics[width=1in]{<your.eps>} \noindent \hrulefill \end{wrapfigure} \input{<yourtext>} %% that's how I had it working for a left-floating picture.