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I'm a mathematician working in algebra. I've been using TeX since 1987, but couldn't write my Ph.D. thesis with it. Sob!

I teach LaTeX at my university, besides the mathematics courses. I'm the author of some LaTeX packages and even of one Plain TeX package. At my site it's possible to download my book on LaTeX programming (in Italian, sorry).

Here's my motto for TeX.SX:

Pronto prontissimo son come il fulmine: sono il factotum della città. (From "Il barbiere di Siviglia", music by Gioachino Rossini, libretto by Cesare Sterbini.)

comment Safe installation of Texmaker Ubuntu 12.04
Debian packages will always lag behind current releases of all software. For instance, on Ubuntu 14.04, only TeX Live 2013 is available.
comment Memoir page numbering in lowercase Roman numerals
In this question the problem seems different, but actually it's the same: Lower-case roman numerals in enumerate with Spanish babel
comment Typeset bibliography as part of a cls file
comment bibliographic requirements
Yes, it will, because BibTeX produces a .bbl file that contains the required \bibitem commands and is read in when the \bibliography command is executed.
comment How to define macros for paths to be used by biber?
Probably biblatex is cleverer than I and uses some protection for spaces not being gobbled. Options A and C are essentially equivalent; option B surely can't work, because it doesn't work by “pure expansion”. Another option could be \myDirPath/biblio.bib if a trailing / is missing in \myDirPath (or even if it isn't, probably).
comment How to Align systems
possible duplicate of Enumerate formulas
comment What generically CANNOT be compiled inside an equation environment?
A tikzpicture is basically something contained in a \mbox (\hbox if you want to go to a lower level); \mbox is always acceptable in math mode and the contents is typeset as if it were in normal text mode.
comment Difficulties implementing Equations
There's an empty line before where that should be removed.
comment Changing the \title in amsart
@LawrenceWong Your wish is my command
comment Why fontspec breaks extarrows package
@barbarabeeton Possibly code points for “extendable arrows” might be added. The extensions might be similar to the ones for wide accents. In any case, extendable arrows are widely used.
comment Enumeration horizontally
Both enumitem and paralist provide this. The former is better.
comment whitespaces in alltt environment get merged
@Whadupapp In order my files don't have any TAB character, my editor does exactly nothing when the TAB key is hit.
comment whitespaces in alltt environment get merged
Welcome to TeX.SX! I guess you want \begin{frame}[fragile]\frametitle{Beispiel Mergesort}
comment Difference between \xx{} and \mathxx{}?
Related: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/15361/…
comment Why fontspec breaks extarrows package
@Mico Unfortunately, the developers of TeX Gyre Termes made the double arrows not combining with the equal sign. The same is for TeX Gyre Pagella Math. Conversely, XITS, Asana and Lucida Bright are good. Unicode has a single arrow extender character, none for double arrows.
comment Command delimited by return or blank line
@Manuel No, it's not possible.
comment Why fontspec breaks extarrows package
@user56799 That user probably had something like TeX Live 2009 or earlier.
comment Command delimited by return or blank line
@Manuel I did; basically you can't do it without category code changes. And it's surely something I wouldn't recommend, because it's bound to fail more often than you think: just opening the file with a different editor might insert end-of-lines at a fixed column.
comment Placing ref/pageref target labels inside a section
\ref{first} and \ref{first:important} may not give the same result if a \subsection comes in between them, or the latter \label appears in an enumerated list. Just to be picky, this is what I'd do anyway.
comment floatrow is not rendering captions correctly
I voted for closing after seeing your conclusion, which doesn't exclude other Pandoc related question can be on topic.