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I'm a mathematician working in algebra. I've been using TeX since 1987, but couldn't write my Ph.D. thesis with it. Sob!

I teach LaTeX at my university, besides the mathematics courses. I'm the author of some LaTeX packages and even of one Plain TeX package. At my site it's possible to download my book on LaTeX programming (in Italian, sorry).

Here's my motto for TeX.SX:

Pronto prontissimo son come il fulmine: sono il factotum della città. (From "Il barbiere di Siviglia", music by Gioachino Rossini, libretto by Cesare Sterbini.)

comment Should one always use exscale when using lmodern?
The lmex10 and cmex10 fonts are quite the same, so using the latter will not be distinguishable; if you happen to use \sum in a section title you'll notice a big difference between using exscale or not.
comment Arguments possibly delimited by \bgroup and \egroup
@Manuel Yes, an environment defined with \NewEnviron grabs the argument delimited by \end{<name>}.
comment Getting bold digits with XeLaTeX and mathspec
@adma You have to use \setmainfont instead of \fontspec, with similar options as for \setmathsfont.
comment Makeindex cannot generate subsubsub.. index entries
Only three levels are supported, I'm afraid.
comment What is LaTeX's \if@nobreak mechanism for and how does it work?
And the question is?
comment Replace missing small caps by uppercase
@xebtl No, you don't. ;-) My suggestion is to use an existing font, rather than doing a patch that's worse than the hole (as we say where I live). The choice made by KomaScript of using sans serif for description lists is quite strange, in my opinion, and has little typographical justification.
comment Place chapter numbers in the margin and center chapter titles
You're missing a % after {\nobreakspace}; moreover \size@chapter has no argument. Instead of a group with a setting of \parindent, just \noindent\mbox is sufficient.
comment How may I align the equal signs of a multline equation and another equation that follows it?
Avoid using consecutive display math environments.
comment How use Mathematica fonts with LaTeX - which method?
@QuantumDot If the Mathematica font distribution is corrupt, it's not a fault of the TeX system.
comment How use Mathematica fonts with LaTeX - which method?
@QuantumDot What TeX distribution are you running?
comment How use Mathematica fonts with LaTeX - which method?
@QuantumDot updmap-sys --enable Map=wolfram map should work. I'll fix the code.
comment Dots after section number in TOC
@Marta I'd avoid calling book that class. But maybe you're forced to because of LyX (a tool that I would never use).
comment Making thesis front
Remove \begin{figure}\centering and \end{figure} that don't belong there.
comment Typography: floating vs inline illustrations
My criterion is that a graphic element that can't float doesn't need a caption either. If a caption is necessary, then the object should float.
comment Weird pdflatex log output
384.43625 * 72/72.27=383; the unit used in the message are what TeX calls bp; it would indeed better if the info message used bp, but it's generated by the xpdf library.
comment Center some lines within an alignat environment nested in subequations environment
@user2653422 The stretchable space is caused by \shortintertext.
comment \vbox and vertical spacing between lines
The paragraph in the \vbox is completed when \LARGE is in effect. It isn't in the second example, because \par is after }. Add \par before } and you'll see the same baselineskip.
comment Latex randomly stops compiling
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about a problem due to a syntax error in the input file
comment nag [l2tabu] and \phantomsubcaption
But this is not an answer to the question.
comment nag [l2tabu] and \phantomsubcaption
The usage of \phantomsubcaption by the OP is legitimate and follows the example at the end of section 6.3 in the manual of subcaption.