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I'm an economist by training. I've used LaTeX for more than 20 years, ever since I wrote my Ph.D. dissertation with an early version of LaTeX. I continue to use LaTeX for my working papers, journal articles, and some of my other professional publications.

I am the principal author of the selnolig package, which lets users automatically suppress typographic ligatures that are inappropriate because they span morpheme boundaries, for both English and German language texts.

I once edited an entire conference proceedings volume in LaTeX. At the organization prior to the one I work for now, I wrote a LaTeX package that implements the style and layout requirements the organization had come up with for working papers written by its staff. This package (i) helped up free up much of the authors' time otherwise wasted on figuring out how to implement the guidelines that had been written primarily with users of MS Word in mind and (ii) actually convinced some of our economists to finally make the switch from MS Word to LaTeX for their working papers.

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I've just been asked to write a minimal example. What's that?

comment No arXiv id showing in bibtex generated by Mendeley
You could try the bib style hiiietr.bst, available at arxiv.org/hypertex/bibstyles.
comment No arXiv id showing in bibtex generated by Mendeley
Which bibliography style do you use?
answered Special Table Spacing in Latex
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answered Hyperref: Include part number for cross-references to chapters
comment Footnote in booktabs package
Welcome to TeX.SE!. There are quite a few ways for introducing footnotes inside a tabular(or similar) environment. Please post a Minimum Working Example (MWE, starting with \documentclass and ending with \end{document}) that shows what you've tried so far. Please also be specific about where you want the footnote text to appear, say at the bottom of the table or at the bottom of the page. You mention that you use the booktabs package; that's great! However, how does that relate to generating footnotes in a table?
answered Fitting text into the table's borders
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comment Problems with fractions in a square root
Thanks for posting a screen shot. Unfortunately, the code snippet you've provided does not, by itself, give rise to the very deep bottom of the square root sign. Please post a full MWE that generates the problem illustrated in the screen shot.
comment Luatex ligatures after \newpage
A (negative) data point: I am unable to replicate the problem you report when I run your MWE on my system (MacOSX 10.9.2), using either the beta test version of TeXLive2014 (LuaTeX version: 0.79.1) or MacTeX2013 (LuaTeX version: 0.76.0),
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comment Installation of Vollkorn font
Is there any chance you can make the switch from pdfLaTeX to either XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX? Given that the Vollkorn font comes in OpenType format, using either XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX with this font would be trivially easy: You'd load the fontspec package and issue the command \setmainfont{Vollkorn}.
comment Place parentheses around a cross-reference
You should probably provide a note that this solution isn't compatible with hyperref: regardless of whether that package is loaded before or after your code, the result is that no parentheses will be placed around the section number.
comment Place parentheses around a cross-reference
I've taken the liberty of replacing hyperlink/hyperref with "cross-reference" since that's what your posting is mainly about. (A hyperlink is a special type of a cross-reference.)
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comment Place parentheses around a cross-reference
Have a good look at the cleveref package. It is (a) fully compatible with the hyperref package (and must be loaded after hyperref) and (b) allows full customization of the appearance of cross-references.
comment Times New Roman Font in pdfLatex
You've already asked a couple of questions about how to load packages that provide Times New Roman fonts under pdfLaTeX. Please be more specific about any problems you're encountering when following the previous suggestions.
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