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I do not wish to be an active participant in Math.SE any longer. To quote Arturo Magidin:

"With the move of MathOverflow into the SE network, this account is now associated with dormant accounts in math.SE and other sites in the network. While I plan to continue my (generally low-level) participation in MO, my current plans do not include restarting my participation in those other sites. Therefore, I will be ignoring any comments or pings that reach me from those sites, unless and until I resume my active participation there.

I remain "gone for the foreseeable future" from math.SE, tex.SE, and meta.SE.

Please do not send me private e-mail to call my attention to comments, questions, or other matters related to those sites. Thank you. Also, as I no longer participate in those sites, I do not wish to be sent, by private e-mail, questions that you can just as well ask on those sites."

I'm interested in higher category theory, abstract homotopy theory, chromatic homotopy theory, structured ring spectra (stable homotopy theory in general), and derived algebraic geometry. I must say, though, that I'm also interested in mathematical physics, like quantum gravity and topological quantum field theories, but do not know nearly enough to contribute anything to those subjects.

My webpage has more information about me (and my research).

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