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My first introduction to LaTeX was in 1997, and I've never looked back!




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reviewed Looks OK Incorrect spacing after minus sign with combination of amsmath and hyperref
comment Incorrect spacing after minus sign with combination of amsmath and hyperref
While this is a valid solution, eqnarray is less than ideal in general.
revised Incorrect spacing after minus sign with combination of amsmath and hyperref
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answered Incorrect spacing after minus sign with combination of amsmath and hyperref
comment Remove vertical space between several chapters in ToC
Do you use any other sectional packages?
reviewed Close Table caption alignment with respect to table
reviewed Close Library of Congress number used in Zotero?
reviewed Reviewed Draw and label arcs to label angles
reviewed Close How to turn on and off some parts of a TeX file?
reviewed Close LaTeX for scientific publications?
reviewed Close Drawing and writing something up and down corner inside a square
revised realscripts when sups are not defined
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reviewed Close Why is this elsarticle code not correctly compiling my .bib file?
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comment No page breaks before bibliography
@abhishek: I can't replicate the problem with the code you provided. I added some \lipsum text, together with a fake \section{references} as part of \chapter{introduction} (not \include{introduction}) and the headings didn't change. Consider viewing the problem from my end: I don't know your setup, so the best way let me understand it, is to spoon-feed me the information. Have you read through the post showing how to create a minimal working example (MWE)? Please do so, then revisit posting the code. As mentioned before: copy-and-paste-and-compile is ideal.
comment No page breaks before bibliography
@abhishek: You should post something that we can copy-and-paste-and-compile and see your exact problem. It should start with \documentclass and end with \end{document}.
comment LyX footnotes do not create footnotes, only text in body
...this might be OS-specific. As mentioned, it works for me on Windows. This may be worth filing on the LyX bug tracker.
reviewed Close How do I strike out indices?
comment No page breaks before bibliography
@abhishek: It seems unusual that \section would influence \leftmark. Perhaps you could use \let\oldbibliography\bibliography \makeatletter \renewcommand{\bibliography}[1]{{% \let\chapter\section \let\sectionmark\@gobble \oldbibliography{#1}}} \makeatother I've just added \let\sectionmark\@gobble which should remove any mark inserted by \section. If you're using other titling packages this may not work; regardless, it's ideal if you could supply a minimal working example (MWE), even if it's just temporarily on PasteBin.