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My first introduction to LaTeX was in 1997, and I've never looked back!




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Corrected markdown.
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comment tcbox raise base for selected text only
I think you're better off including a \strut with each \tcbox.
reviewed Reviewed Enumerating questions with using numbers
comment Enumerating questions with using numbers
It would be really great if you could show us an example of your setup. This way we can see what you use for a question and an answer. It will aid in providing you with a better solution to your current situation.
answered Display only a single figure when in draft mode
reviewed Leave Closed To have math in section's name with doi -package (hyperref)
comment Images - do people just accept where LaTeX puts them?
(1) You can avoid splitting of a list across a page boundary and yes, this is done; (2) Having "images a chapter after the section they're relevant to" means you're doing something wrong. In answer to your general question: There are some things that is left for end-of-production, yes. In the meantime, you leave those things to the end.
comment Does the align environment provided by amsmath not enter math mode?
Don't leave a blank line inside align...
revised Change some basic details about document type resume
answered Change some basic details about document type resume
reviewed Close Mysterious error message regarding missing reference
comment How to limit the width of a subheading?
Using \parbox[t] would probably look better.
comment Wants all the references at the end of beamer slides
@Moody: See Biblatex with Biber: Configuring my editor to avoid undefined citations.
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comment Tex live installation on windows problem
Did you visit Acquiring TeX Live as an ISO image and follow the instructions?
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