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My first introduction to LaTeX was in 1997, and I've never looked back!




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comment Examining the current value of a beamertemplate
\setbeamertemplate{<element>}{<template>} creates \csname beamer@@tmpl@<element>\endcsname to be <template>. So, you could examine \makeatletter\expandafter\show\csname beamer@@tmpl@<element>\endcsname\makeatother. Is that what you're referring to?
revised How to ignore left margin and move centered math equation to the left?
answered How to ignore left margin and move centered math equation to the left?
reviewed Reviewed png Figures don't work with pdflatex
comment png Figures don't work with pdflatex
Hmmm, this could be anything. In order to answer your question, it would be best if we can reproduce it. Can we do that with this information?
comment XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX: which is faster?
@cfr: I rarely use either XeLaTeX or Lua(La)TeX, sorry.
reviewed Reviewed Font size (in pt) of references using amsplain
reviewed Close why can't I add a listing to a figure
comment How to force page number to appear on titlepage
So, even for the first page of a chapter? If so, add \makeatletter \let\ps@empty\ps@plain \makeatother to your preamble.
reviewed Close Harvard reference style biblatex style
reviewed Reviewed multiple tabular environments using siunitx
comment How to make a command completely empty / invisible / non-existent?
Related: How to define commands that do not consume any space
answered LaTeX 3 - How can I use it instead of the current?
reviewed Reopen How to center a image
revised \upbracefill filling entire tabular cell and package colortbl
added 824 characters in body
answered \upbracefill filling entire tabular cell and package colortbl
reviewed No Action Needed apacite not working in tex
comment ToC content spacing and related formatting
@Ekosan: That should not make any difference. I don't know how to solve your issue since I can't replicate it.
comment ToC content spacing and related formatting
@Ekosan: Nothing in the .aux indicate that spaces are added to to the ToC. If you can identify the chapters around which it happens, examine their individual .aux files.
revised How to control horizontal placement of shortintertext