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comment Right alignment of two right ragged lines
a similar problem is addressed in this question: Vertical spacing between parboxes
reviewed Close Does UTF8 add right-quote and left-quote recognition to LaTeX, XeTeX?
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reviewed Close Multiple equations in square bracket matrix
comment Put parentheses by default when referencing an equation
with amsmath, use \eqref{...}. see What is the difference between \eqref and \ref?.
comment Questions about Label and Cross Reference
@FangyangTian -- if you comment out showkeys, the boxes (and the report of the labels) disappears. also, if you are using amsart, you don't need to include the packages amsmath, amsthm, and amsfonts -- those are already either preloaded or incorporated in the document class.
answered How to add a framed box inside a paragraph?
comment Matrix in matrix: how to adjust vertical space?
immediately after a line \end{pmatrix}\` add [2pt]` or some other amount of space that you want to skip. no space between \\[2pt] -- amsmath checks for space there, and if found, the brackets and their contents are printed.
comment Bad math delimiter in Scientific WorkPlace
scientific workplace redefines quite a lot of commands. i think that includes adding \left and \right to some delimiters. you may be running into one of the "variants", but to be sure, we need specific details.
revised \newcomand causes failure
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comment Which rating symbols are recommended?
@StevenB.Segletes -- wouldn't be obvious to someone who is red/green color blind. what about just using squares: black, mid-gray or "hatched" with a rim, and "open box"?
comment Which rating symbols are recommended?
a "real" minus would look more like the plus; you now have a hyphen, which is significantly smaller. (a minus requires math mode.)
comment How to adjust the QED symbol to appear just after the last word in a proof
if the last line of a proof ends so far to the right that there is not room for the qed, the box will go to the start of the next line, where it's not so easy to spot. what tactic should be used there to make it more visible?
comment How to adjust the QED symbol to appear just after the last word in a proof
the end-of-line position was chosen as the ams style because it's easy to spot on a page. the "open box" tends to blend in with the text when it's in the middle of a line, and a black box was felt to be to prominent. this also affects the placement of equation numbers: for ams style, they are on the left so that they do not conflict with the qed marker. (of course, different authors may have different preferences.)
comment Box aligned equation under (deep) itemization
doesn't compile -- you're missing a closing brace at the end of the definition of \widefbox. also, amssymb is needed either; you probably meant amsmath, but with empheq that's taken care of.
comment Collection of all definitions, theorems, etc. as flash cards
@monoid -- amsmath doesn't have anything to do with theorems. amsthm is the package involved there. so you really do need to provide more information.
comment amsmath's multline and fleqn
@sebhofer -- on reviewing our internal notes, i find that the "fix" i mentioned is simply a workaround, not a correction in the code. so a patch hasn't been worked out. sorry to report no help here.
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comment How did LaTeX come about?
some other "systems" (i prefer "user interfaces") built on tex have been ams-tex (a standalone formatter for math, later folded into ams-latex = amsmath + ams classes, and still used by a few old-timers), lollipop (an interface directed toward developing attractive output styles, by victor eijkhout, and eplain (an extension of plain offering many facilities comparable to those provided by latex).
comment \pagestyle{plain} between chapters without page number after titlepage?
@Scard -- you probably want \renewcommand{\titlepage}{...}.