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comment How to prevent a page break before an itemize list? (continued)
the "why" is answered by @lockstep's answer in the cited question. the \nobreak is overridden by coding defined in the beginning of (all) lists; \@afterheading counteracts this. but the removal of space before the itemize does appear to be a real problem; that should be the subject of this question, and a small example would help. (by the way, enumitem is irrelevant here, and i've removed that flag.)
comment Any way to check with a macro if an equation is too long to fit into a single line?
have you tried breqn? not perfect (and it does need work), but perhaps useful.
comment Remove all math for spelling and grammar checking
@Werner -- somehow i didn't think there was one of those, but there is. but wouldn't it be \renewenvironment{<env>}{}{}? (i couldn't find one with the name in CamelCase.) (i'll come back to this later; right now, i'm on my way to a concert.)
comment Undefined Control Sequence. 1.60 \@writefi
@Razor -- yes, i know it's an old question, but the question i linked has been closed with this one cited as a duplicate. since this question is now the "canonical" one, i thought it better to give a link rather than adding another answer that isn't my own.
answered Remove all math for spelling and grammar checking
comment Undefined Control Sequence. 1.60 \@writefi
additional useful commentary is present in answers to the (closed) question Debugging LaTeX Errors: how to isolate the problem
reviewed Close How to move titles in TOC due to special numbering?
reviewed Reviewed Correct spacing when using aligned in cases
revised Correct spacing when using aligned in cases
added output
reviewed Close Table spreaded over multiple pages . Tabularx
comment How do I insert a command using braces into the caption of a ctable?
the problem is that the closing bracket ] for the optional \hyperref argument is terminating the \ctable bracketed argument. put braces around the entire \hyperref string to avoid the problem. there's some commentary on this in the question (right bracket) inside an optional argument. (aha! another place where a literal right bracket will get one in trouble!)
comment Mathtools: Automatic italic corrections before math not working when combined with ~
thanks, @MSC, that makes a lot more sense.
comment Mathtools: Automatic italic corrections before math not working when combined with ~
i find the phrasing of this question a bit confusing. italic corrections operate after an italic letter, not before, so the italic corrections here are not in math, but in the (italic) text preceding the math. after reading the documentation in the mathtools manual, i guess what i'm really objecting to is the name of the key, but it's too late to do anything about that. however, perhaps the title of the question could be rephrased to avoid an erroneous interpretation. (i'll think about how this might be done.)
comment How to get a small letter version of \mathcal{O}
oh, welcome to TeX.SX!.
comment How to get a small letter version of \mathcal{O}
only uppercase letters are implemented for the default \mathcal. another font will be required. there aren't any listed in the "comprehensive symbols list" (texdoc comprehensive, but i think there's a lowercase alphabet in the stix and xits fonts. search for those names in this forum; unfortunately, i haven't time to do that research now.
reviewed Looks OK How to define macros for paths to be used by biber?
comment How to move titles in TOC due to special numbering?
Welcome to TeX.SX! we really need a little more information, at least identification of the documentclass you're using. even better would be a minimal working example (MWE) that illustrates your problem.
comment Name a formula in align
whether the left margin of display math is adjusted within lists depends on the document class. the ams classes, for example, don't adjust; they always center on the whole line. this is a publisher house style decision.
comment Beamer — Replace one word with another
is your intent that "are red" not move during the substitution? this should be possible (although some finagling of the spacing is required) when the substitution is at the beginning or end of the string, but it's a lot harder in the middle, especially if the two alternating words aren't the same length.
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