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My name is John Tolle. I'm an engineer who also does a lot of computer programming.

My main area of programming interest lately is model-building with a high level of non-programmer involvement. In practical terms, that means I build lots of spreadsheets...I even I wrote a set of Excel VBA libraries in order to build spreadsheet models like "real" software - that is, as modular, testable, maintainable computer programs. The libraries extend what is already a non-programmer-friendly, declarative functional calculation system into a true functional programming system. With them, a modeler/programmer can:

  • define true functions using an Excel-formula-like syntax
  • treat functions as first-class values that can be stored in Excel cells, passed to functions, returned from functions, and - most importantly - participate in Excel's ordinary recalculation
  • work with lists and tables of Excel values in a functional way
  • unit-test functions, formulas, and spreadsheet modules

Please see the Background section of my Stack Overflow Careers profile for more information

The best way to reach me is by email:

email = [name]@[domain]
name = tolle.john
domain = gmail.com