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comment Windows Pandoc TexLive
This is now fixed in the most recent versions of Pandoc.
comment Nested itemize in a table column
I don't see any of the examples with a nested table, where each item is in a different row: so that the table is lined up as in the picture above.
comment A good template for note taking
I have my own class that has options for: fontsize, papersize (ipad,letter). In sublime I use snippets,on the iPad in textastic I use text expander to insert my standard template. As for where I take notes in the body: I created an environment that looks like this: \secc[tested]{Title for outline}{\1 \2 \3 }. Where the first option is a flag if the topic was tested and that puts a red underline for the Title of the outline, The second option is the title of the option, and the 3rd arguement is the outline itself. The outline environment is in the secc env. This makes it very efficient to use.