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I am software developer with focus on web technologies and internet computing. My skills are in Java and the Web stack including HTML5, CSS and Javascript. I also love to program in C in my free time, where I spend time developing applications for Linux using the GTK+ libraries from the Gnome project. I have a big interest for everything that is open source, especially when it runs on Linux.

comment How to prevent lstlisting from splitting code between pages?
This solution has two potential problems which are fixed by Jesse Doherty answer
comment Draw a path with a filled diamond at the beginning
Fixed the this link. @Paul: For MWE: Just take the \tikzset{} part from the accepted answer under 'this one' and combine it with my sample. You will see that the arrow head will appear.
comment Kile will not work on Ubuntu (utf8x.def)
This bug has been fixed in Ubuntu 12.04.