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I just complete my PhD program with the University of Grenoble and STMicroelectronics, in which I proposed a new dimension for interactive debugging, based on the programming model and runtime environments used to develop the application.

I am a Free & Open Source Software enthusiast, I did my all PhD work with free tools (GNU/Linux OS, Emacs, LaTeX, GCC, ...) and contributed code patches to GDB, the debugger of the GNU project.

comment Footnote without a marker
+1, @Gonzalo Medina solution doesn't work 'well' with hyperref package, it lets an empty link box to the footnote!
comment Photograph credits in LaTeX
for bibtopic, I don't feel really confident using it, because the bibliography is a every complicated topic in this thesis (history of art), so I don't want risk messing everything up!
comment Photograph credits in LaTeX
tocloft sounds nice, but I've got a very strange bug which make my \lisfof... always undefined, although I'm sure of my code ... certainly a package conflic ...
comment Biblatex / MLA for official reports and websites
I contacted the author of biblatex-mla, but did not receive any answer so far ...