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After earning a PhD in theoretical physics, I became a faculty researcher in operations/production management and logistics. How did I come into TeX? I used it to typeset my PhD thesis and since I like programming, I invested time to learn TeX programming.

It was the strangeness of TeX that I found challenging and interesting. I hate \def and \let because they can cause havoc. Unfortunately, \newcommand offers no means to protect and privatize commands. It’s a miracle that TeX has survived despite \def and \let. TeX doesn’t impose a programming style; it is regrettable that LuaTeX hasn’t corrected this situation.

My packages on CTAN include catoptions, keyreader, keyval2e, ltxkeys, pgfkeyx, skeyval, loops, xwatermark, storecmd, ltxtools, and newenviron.

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