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Top new questions this week:

Should one ever use \bigskip?

I am wondering whether one is ever justified in using \bigskip in LaTeX (specifically in overleaf)? I have recently drastically reduced my use of it, due to my teacher's recommendation. But I tend to ...

paragraphs vertical-spacing  
user avatar asked by Ben123 Score of 11
user avatar answered by egreg Score of 9

Drawing only in Spy magnifying glass

I would like to be able to draw something into the spy magnifying glass without drawing it in the main picture (e.g. to add specific annotations into only the zoomed version of the picture). Why this ...

tikz-pgf spy  
user avatar asked by mranvick Score of 8
user avatar answered by Qrrbrbirlbel Score of 3

l3keys equivalent of pgfkeys' .code 2 args

What is the recommended way to emulate pgfkeys' /.code 2 args (or more generally /.code n args) handler with l3keys? For example, with pgfkeys one can do \documentclass{article} \usepackage{pgfkeys} ...

expl3 pgfkeys key-value l3keys  
user avatar asked by mbert Score of 7
user avatar answered by Joseph Wright Score of 6

Aligment of the hightlight in the TikZ figure

I'm trying to create TikZ diagram to represent the HDD platter. On the platter the track, sector and blocks should be highlighted. I moved from the simple by-the-hand calculated render more onto the ...

user avatar asked by jr.root.cs Score of 7
user avatar answered by Qrrbrbirlbel Score of 3

Is it possible to redefine the limit operator to print Lim, not lim?

The default limit operator displays “lim” with a small l. I wish to redefine it to display “Lim” that is, with a capital L like shown below.

math-operators capitalization  
user avatar asked by Cristofer Score of 6
user avatar answered by Werner Score of 10

LaTeX3 - Advice on a code to validate an ISO date

The following code is a POC showing a way to validate one Julian date in "pure" LaTeX3: it is related to this question. There is no doubt that this code contains some clumsiness. Any advice ...

latex3 code  
user avatar asked by projetmbc Score of 6
user avatar answered by egreg Score of 6

Add description next to matrix

I have the following definition of a standard basis vector: This text was compiled by the following code: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{amsmath} \begin{document} For $ \mathbb{R}^n $, we let ...

user avatar asked by Mailbox Score of 5

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Reduce space between enumerated items

Background All book figures are set to "here definitely" (as they must come after the text that introduces them). Problem The list types (enumerated and bullet) have too much space between them. ...

spacing floats lists vertical-alignment positioning  
user avatar asked by Dave Jarvis Score of 203
user avatar answered by lockstep Score of 28

Change image size

I'm trying to change the image size (make it look smaller than the original). I tried with the next code but the image still shows at its original size. \begin{figure}[h!] \centering \...

user avatar asked by Enrique Score of 118
user avatar answered by DJJerome Score of 112

Dictionary for TeXstudio: “No dictionary Available”

I have trouble spell checking my document in TeXstudio. When I press spellcheck, I get the error No dictionary Available. Am I supposed to install a dictionary separately? How? Any suggestion?

texstudio spelling dictionaries  
user avatar asked by N Nik Score of 111

Scale image to page width?

I use \inclugraphics[scale=TRYING TO GUESS THE NUMBER FOR PAGE WIDTH]{...} but I find this errorsome, is there some ready flag to set the image to page width? I usually use PNG and JPG photos.

graphics scaling  
user avatar asked by hhh Score of 290
user avatar answered by Werner Score of 273

Change line spacing inside the document

This is my code \documentclass[12pt,a4paper]{book} \renewcommand{\baselinestretch}{1.5} \begin{document} \include{Chapter1} \end{document} I have please a question: I would change the line ...

user avatar asked by researcher Score of 178

How to add an empty line between paragraphs?

I have two sections which I'd like to separate by an empty line. Every time I press Enter, LyX removes that empty line between paragraphs. How do I prevent this?

spacing lyx  
user avatar asked by goldisfine Score of 157
user avatar answered by Werner Score of 171

BibTeX loses capitals when creating .bbl file

Titles of articles I'm about to cite contain upper case letters and when using BibTeX it converts them to lower case ones. This happens only in the title and only the first letter conserves its case. ...

bibtex capitalization  
user avatar asked by Crowley Score of 345
user avatar answered by Yossi Gil Score of 362

Can you answer these questions?

\titlecaps in figure's captions containing mathematical expressions

How can we use \titlecaps to get the right figure's and table's captions IF these captions contain mathematical expressions ? Based on a suggestion made in this website, I have added in my LaTeX file: ...

user avatar asked by Michel Visonneau Score of 1

Suppress vertical space at beginning of macro when there is no preceding paragraph

I want to create a variant of the itemize command for Beamer that spreads the items vertically. This should increase the space between items as well as to preceding text. With other words, I want a ...

beamer macros itemize paragraphs vertical-spacing  
user avatar asked by Wrzlprmft Score of 1

Learning resources for blind LaTeX beginner

On the Blind Math list I've been asked for "a guide to get started with LaTeX". I welcome suggestions. I've take a look at What are good learning resources for a LaTeX beginner?, but ...

learning accessibility tutorials  
user avatar asked by Jonathan Fine Score of 1
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