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Jan 22 '18 at 11:59 comment added magguu perfect! However in my real document, I had reassigned LastPage counter to one (or more, dynamically determined) lesser and the actual last page (or pages) are ununmbered and unreferenced. I tried setting a new temporary counter to keep track of these extra pages and then do this \ifnum\value{page}=\numexpr\getpagerefnumber{LastPage}+\value{unnumberedpages}+##1+1 in \keeppages. However \value{unnumberedpages} seems to only be set at the initialized value of 0. Maybe because \keeppages{1,-1} is called before \begin{document}. Is there a way out?
Jan 21 '18 at 17:43 comment added Werner ...as in the previous solution, this does not preserve cross-references for pages that are removed.
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