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Sep 2 '20 at 19:59 comment added Pidrittel Ah, I see, you just create the layer with corresponding bounds and then fill it completely. Thank you very much for explaining! Now I can alter the rest on my own.
Sep 2 '20 at 15:13 comment added esdd @Pidrittel I have updated my answer.
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Sep 2 '20 at 10:38 comment added Pidrittel (or, for example, what would I do if I wanted the bar to reach from the outside of the document to the inner side of the text (so not completely to the other side od the page)?)
Sep 2 '20 at 9:33 comment added Pidrittel This is pretty much spot on what I tried to achieve. Kudos! Thank you for taking the extra step explaining the even better second solution. One small followup question: what would I have to change in the tikz definition of the rectangle to e.g. make it a little bid larger in the vertical direction (so that it is ranging further above and below the page number), so that it becomes even a little more noticeable? I don't really understand yet which part of the command defines from where to where it ranges and how wide and tall the rectangle is.
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