TeXnicCenter should be able to show window with structure of document:

enter image description here

I clicked through all menu but I am not able to find this option somewhere. I use last version (2.0 Beta 1) from their website.

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    You can press CTRL+Alt+O to show the structure. I think this only works for projects, not individual files that are not part of a project. To start a project look under the corresponding menu entry. – Alexander Feb 27 '13 at 12:45

You need a project in order to have a visible "structure." Moreover, this terminology has been updated and is now referred to as an "outline." And, with each project, there is an associated "main file." It's this file that TeXnicCenter starts with in order to build the outline view. To show the TeXnicCenter outline of a project, use Ctrl+Alt+O (or via the menus View > Tool Windows > Outline).

Note that the outline displayed requires a specific format for your files. That is, TeXnicCenter parses the main project file with every "Save" operation (but not if it autosaves before you compile!), including any subsidiary (included files). For example, if you have a project that has a main file latex_stuff.tex:

\section{section 1}

together with myinput.tex:

\section{section 2}
\begin{figure}\caption{Figure caption}\label{figure}\end{figure}
\begin{table}\caption{Table caption}\end{table}
\subsection{subsection 1}

it will render in the project outline as

enter image description here

See how the project only displays the caption of the labelled float (figure), while the table is left blank. Moreover, if you define your own environments or macros with names other than the default ones, they won't be picked up by TeXnicCenter.

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