I am new to TeX and I am trying to create a document which has regular text, paragraphs etc and also a timing diagram somewhere in between. I am using the TikZ timing package.

Here is an example of what I am trying to do.

Create a section. Write some text. Add a timing diagram. End section and on to the next section.

Here is the code sample I tried.


% Defining foreground (fg) and background (bg) colors

1.  Timing diagram of SR Flip Flop
    Here is the timing diagram of SR flip flop.  

    timing/slope=0,         % no slope
    timing/coldist=2pt,     % column distance
    xscale=2.05,yscale=1.1, % scale diagrams
    semithick               % set line width
  \scriptsize clock     & 7{C}                              \\
  S                     & [fgblue] .75L h 2.25L H LLl       \\
  R                     & [fgblue]  1.8L .8H 2.2L 1.4H 0.8L \\
  Q                     &          L .8H 1.7L 1.5H LL       \\
  $\overline{\mbox{Q}}$ &          H .8L 1.7H 1.5L HH       \\
  Q                     & [fgred]  HLHHHLL                  \\
  $\overline{\mbox{Q}}$ & [fgred]  LHLLLHH                  \\
  % Draw shaded backgrounds
  \shade [right color=bgblue,left color=white]
     (7,-8.45) rectangle (-2,-4.6);
  \shade [right color=bgred,left color=white]
     (7,-12.8) rectangle (-2,-8.6);
  % Add background grid lines
    \foreach \x in {1,...,6}
      \draw (\x,1) -- (\x,-12.8);
    % similar: \vertlines{1,...,6}
  % Add labels
  \node [anchor=south east,inner sep=0pt]
    at (7,-8.45) {\tiny clocked};
  \node [anchor=south east,inner sep=0pt,fgred]
    at (7,-12.8) {\tiny positive edge triggered};

I am expecting the pdf to show the text first and then the timing diagram, but only the timing diagram is being generated.

Can somebody please help me?



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Comment out


and all should be fine. The active option previews what you have typeset in your tikzpicture environment in this case. Also, consider updating your tikz-timing. AFAIK, the latest version is Version v0.7d – 2011/01/09. Here is the output when the above lines are commented out.

enter image description here


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