This is the newspaper package that I've modified to remove the quote and location at the beginning of the title page and I have modified the side margins so the left side's margin is (roughly) equal to the right side's margin.

The problem I'm having right is why the date in the heading isn't centered. It's leaning to the right ever so slightly. Likewise, the middle header on subsequent pages also isn't perfectly centered. It is also leaning to the right ever so slightly. In addition, the circled characters in picture 1 are supposed to be "he" but, for some odd reason, the font Matthew Allen used decided to combine the two letters. The red vertical line is (roughly) the center line.

The manual (CTAN).

So, overall, how can I center the date in the heading of the title page, center the newspaper title on subsequent pages, and change the font to something similar, but one that doesn't combine letters together?

This actually my third piece of LaTeX work (the article in the pictures is my third piece, not modifying the package). So, this is pretty far over my head.

Picture 1

Picture 2

%%% Matthew Allen
%%% January 14, 2007
%%% This package provides a newspaper style heading
%%% for the standard Article class.  The default plain
%%% page style is redefined to accomodate headings 
%%% at the top of all subsequent pages.
%%% a good idea to use with this package is
%%% the multicols package and the picinpar package

%*******    Identification   *****

%*******    Declaration of options *****

% no options at this time

%*******    Execution of options   *****

%******     Package Loading   *****
\RequirePackage{yfonts}  % used for the paper title font

%******     main code *****

%define font for page title

%%%%%%%%%%% Define Text Dimensions  %%%%%%%

\setlength\topmargin{-48pt}         % article default = -58pt
\setlength\headheight{0pt}          % article default = 12pt
\setlength\headsep{34pt}        % article default = 25pt
\setlength\marginparwidth{-20pt}    % article default = 121pt
\setlength\textwidth{7.0in}     % article default = 418pt
\setlength\textheight{9.5in}        % article default = 296pt

%%%% counters for volume and number %%%%


%%%% set internal variables %%%%

\def\@papername{Committee Times:}
\def\@headername{Committee Times}   % because of the yfonts you may need both papername and headername
\def\@paperprice{Zero Dollars}


%%%%%%%%%%% Redefine \maketitle     %%%%%%%

{\textgoth{\huge\usefont{LYG}{bigygoth}{m}{n} \@papername}}\hfill%  
{\small VOL.\MakeUppercase{\roman{volume}}\ldots No.\arabic{issue}} \hfill \MakeUppercase{\small\it\@date} \hfill {\small\MakeUppercase{\@paperprice}}\\

%%%%%%%   redefine plain page style  %%%%%%%
        \renewcommand\@oddfoot{}%                   % empty recto footer
        \let\@evenfoot\@oddfoot                     % empty verso footer
            {\small VOL.\MakeUppercase{\roman{volume}}\ldots No.\arabic{issue}}\hfill\normalfont\textbf{\@headername}\hfill\textrm{\thepage}\\

%%%%%%%%%%%  Headline (with byline) command  %%%%%%%%%

\newcommand\headline[1]{\begin{center} #1\\ %
            \rule[3pt]{0.4\hsize}{0.5pt}\\ \end{center} \par}
\newcommand\byline[2]{\begin{center} #1 \\%
            {\footnotesize\bf By \MakeUppercase{#2}} \\ %
            \rule[3pt]{0.4\hsize}{0.5pt}\\ \end{center} \par}

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% End of Package   %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

And here's the source code for my document, but with obviously fake text.



\date{Janurary 1, 1900}
\SetPaperName{The Example Times}
\SetHeaderName{The Example Times}

\byline{{\it\huge The Example Times}\\[10pt]
{\Large The Example Times}\\[10pt]}{John Doe}

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    For the The: try writing Th{e}, this disables the ligature between the h and the e Commented Mar 1, 2013 at 10:31

1 Answer 1

{\small VOL.\MakeUppercase{\roman{volume}}\ldots No.\arabic{issue}} \hfill
 \MakeUppercase{\small\it\@date} \hfill {\small\MakeUppercase{\@paperprice}}\\

You should not leave a space before \hfill as } \hfill leaves a space one word space wider then the stretch space. In this case it doesn't affect the centering as you do the same on both \hfill but better to avoid it anyway.

{\small VOL.\MakeUppercase{\roman{volume}}\ldots No.\arabic{issue}}\hfill
 \MakeUppercase{\small\it\@date}\hfill {\small\MakeUppercase{\@paperprice}}\\

However your main problem is that this does not centre the date on the page it centres it in the space between the volume number and the price. As long as you know the texts are short enough there is no possibility of overprinting, the easiest thing to do is just hide the widths of the outer texts:

\makebox[0pt][l]{\small VOL.\MakeUppercase{\roman{volume}}\ldots No.\arabic{issue}}\hfill

(In general you should avoid \it as it is not defined by default and just there for compatibility with LaTeX2.09, so you could change that to \reset@font\itshape if you wanted). Also as noted by egreg you could use \Roman{volume} instead of \MakeUppercase{\roman{volume}}.

  • Wouldn't \Roman{volume} be easier than \MakeUppercase{\roman{volume}}?
    – egreg
    Commented Sep 8, 2013 at 11:12
  • @DavidCarlisle Thanks! I really wasn't expecting an answer for this question since I posted this so long ago.
    – Kevin Dong
    Commented Sep 10, 2013 at 3:32
  • @Donky yes just came across it in a "clean up" sweep over unanswered questions. Hope it is still useful answer (to someone at least:-) Commented Sep 10, 2013 at 7:08

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