When I am using the \appendix it is automatically naming the Appendix as Appendix A, A.1, A.2 etc.

Is there a way to change it to Appendix I, I.1, I.2, II.1, etc?

here is my current appendix commands:


This depends on your document class. If it has \chapters, then you can use


otherwise (if it the highest sectional unit is \section), use


after \appendix. Combining this into the document preamble (not a bad thing), you could use


where <unit> defines the highest section unit in your class (say chapter or section).

  • In case anyone would prefer arabic numerals (1,2,3,..), the command is unsurprisingly \renewcommand{\thechapter}{\arabic{chapter}} (but not "Arabic"). – sup Jul 17 '15 at 12:35

With the standard LaTeX classes, KoMa-script ones and also memoir, the definition can be patched quite safely (before hyperref, if this package is loaded):

  {}{\@latex@warning@no@line{\protect\appendix\space couldn't be patched}

If the patch is not successful, which LaTeX will warn you about, it may be because the class already loads hyperref (which is not recommended, actually); in that case, try

  {}{\@latex@warning@no@line{\protect\appendix\space couldn't be patched}

because this is the "original" command as saved by hyperref.

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