Instead of using the menu for Insert->Formatting->Superscript or Subscript, I would like to use a keyboard shortcut.

I tried Tools->Preferences->Shortcuts, there are already shortcuts for math-superscript and math-subscript, but they put me in math mode, which is not what I want.

I tried to add a new shortcut, however, I couldn't find the name of the function. I tried "superscript" and "font-superscript" but got an error "Unknown or invalid LyX function name".

How can I find the correct function name?


If you look at the status bar (bottom of the LyX window) when you click the appropriate menu item, you'll see the function appear there for a second or two. The two functions you're after are

script-insert superscript
script-insert subscript
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The use of the Alt functionality is a bit of a cumbersome way of performing a subscript & superscript addition for normal text in LyX (I am using v2.1); but it does work!

Use the following keys, each individually in the particular order, when you want to add a:


Alt + I O U


Alt + I O S

Then type the text which you want to have the sub format and return to normal text by pressing Esc.

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^ Write superscript

_ Write subscript

Reference: http://wiki.lyx.org/Tips/FrequentlyUsedShortcuts#toc3

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  • these "shortcuts" (actually, basic (la)tex commands) assume math mode, which is not wanted, according to the question. – barbara beeton May 31 '14 at 19:19

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