I use abbrvnat as bib style: \bibliographystyle{abbrvnat}. It seems that all the letters, except the 1st one, in the title field of an article are set systematically in minuscule (lowercase). But sometimes, some letters do need to be majuscule (uppercase), for instance for a name of a company or a person. Does anyone know how to make them be majuscule? What should I change in the .bib?


To prevent the lowercasing of certain uppercase letters of words used in a title field of a bibliographic entry of type @article, encase the words in question in curly braces, i.e., { and }.

For instance, you might write

title = "The Life and Lies of {Albus Dumbledore}",

to prevent the uppercase letters A and D from being converted to lowercase by the bibliography style in use. In contrast, if you're OK with titles being typeset in "sentence style" (as opposed to "title style"), you would not encase Life and Lies in curly braces.

See also the topic Capitalisation in BibTeX that's part of the UK TeX FAQ list.

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