What is the "gentoo-way" to install the latest full TeX live collection? I know the tex live installer script to install the complete collection manually, but I would prefer to "emerge" a gentoo package.

I could not find a meta package like virtual/texlive-full yet. Some gentoo packages contain plenty LaTeX packages other contain some only one package (like ucs).


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If I remember correctly from my gentoo days, the correct package is simply app-text/texlive, but you have to set all the USE flags to get the entire collection. The list of the USE flags is long, check out texlive-2012.ebuild.


My recommendation is to install TeX-Live directly from tug.org. It is possible for every user, you can have different installations parallel available (2011 and 2012 for instance). In the past, I detect a very old package included in one of the Gentoo portage collection.

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